Vermilion Weddings & Events: San Francisco Bay Area Wedding Planner

Planning a wedding (especially a South Asian / Indian one) can be extremely stressful and overwhelming, but Minoti and her incredible team at Vermilion Weddings are the consummate professionals for making the wedding planning experience painless, and ensuring a flawless followthrough of the Bride and Groom's vision. Trust Vermilion to execute with finesse on your Wedding Day to make your dream a reality. Minoti will be there every step of the way, just like she was for my family and me.

We partnered with Minoti on the full wedding planning package (so as a planner and not a coordinator) for my twin sister’s fairytale wedding. 

From the get go, she was transparent about her services and came up with a complete workbook about each little detail that had to come together to ensure a perfect day for my sister. She was incredibly professional, and yet humble, supportive, and bubbly, often being the corralling force that kept my family in high spirits before the wedding. When my family was all out of ideas, she would introduce options to get our brain juices flowing again, and always patiently helped guide us through the important decision moments so that we made decisions on time.

Minoti knows the best vendors in the Bay Area and connected us with phenomenal recommendations for a DJ, lights, decor, mehendi, etc, all of whom came together perfectly on the day of to create an incredible jaw-dropping setting at Wente Vineyards. She is the perfect communicator, interfacing between her client and the vendors to bring everything together, negotiate contracts to reach a price point everyone is comfortable with, and ensure everyone is clear about the timeline and how their piece fits into the big picture. This is absolutely crucial to be a successful wedding planner and Minoti greatly understands the communication aspect. We always received prompt responses to our queries, while respecting Minoti's own work hours and personal time, which I think is important for every client to do :).

Minoti attended every important meeting with us at Wente (menu tastings, walkthroughs etc), often offering advice to conquer points we would have never thought of (like which dishes guests might prefer based on the sort of social gatherings they typically attend ) - she knows her industry to a T!

On the day of, all of the vendors magically knew exactly what to do and where to be. It was honestly amazing to take in. But it wasn't magic, it was Minoti and her team working tirelessly in the background like little angels. The setting was just GORGEOUS - my sisters dream of how she envisioned her wedding to look became complete reality. And every stage happened on time. I still have guests reaching out to me (a few months later even!) to compliment Minoti and all of the vendors on the incredible wedding they attended.

I would recommend Minoti and Vermilion to anyone getting married and looking for a planner. As someone who went through the process, I now know just how important selecting your wedding planner is. You want someone who is not only professional and knows the industry, but also someone you will get along with too, so that the process is enjoyable. Minoti is kind, sincere, supportive, vivacious, optimistic and determined. It's all of this that incites me to recommend her 100% of the time.

Thank you for everything, Minoti! This wedding would not have been the amazing success it was without you! I still miss your "good morning sister of the bride" texts every morning the week of the wedding :).

Minoti Mehta