Arthi & Rishi

Vermilion Weddings & Events: San Francisco Bay Area Wedding Planner, Arthi & Rishi

Five stars, two thumbs up, and a gold medal would hardly suffice for the incredible work and effort put on by Minoti and her team at Vermilion Weddings. I can hardly begin to find the words to describe how incredible the team was in really helping us get everything together for that once in a lifetime, special wedding day! I had a traditional Indian wedding, with events split into two days, and Minoti was absolutely critical to helping everything run smoothly. One of the most incredible feats was really making sure that every member of the wedding party, including the Bride, the Groom, the Bride's parents and the Groom's parents, were all on the same page. This was made extra easy with the walk throughs that she helped us coordinate with each venue. I'd be hugely remiss if I didn't mention that the Vermilion Weddings team also did an incredible job making sure that both the Bride & Groom were well fed. On both days of the festivities, the Vermilion team made sure to prepare us plates of food. It was that level of attention to detail & genuine care for the Bride & Groom that truly made the days! Minoti's expertise was irreplaceable and I genuinely could not imagine having the wedding without her. We opted for the month of coordination package, and true to her word, Minoti helped us coordinate MORE than I can even describe! Minoti really did wonders at assuaging all my pre-wedding anxieties and assuring me that all would go well. Sure enough, everything went incredibly well!

Minoti Mehta