Punita & Sunny

Vermilion Weddings & Events: San Francisco Bay Area Wedding Planner, Punita & Sunny

We are so thankful to Minoti and the entire Vermilion team for helping us coordinate such a beautiful, fun and well organized wedding! I think any Bride or Groom can understand how stressful planning a wedding is. From big things like choosing our vendors, attending venue meetings to more minute things like choosing our decorations and songs, Minoti was there every step of the way. She is easily reachable, responsive and willing to help with any hurdle that comes in the way. She was calm in times of stress and willing to listen and solve any problem that came up during our 7 months of planning. 

Many couples who start to plan their weddings believe that they can do it on their own. Trust me when I say that you NEED a wedding planner. 

The things people take away from weddings are how fun it was, the DJ’s music, the food and the beautiful decor... But the one thing that no one understand or even notices at the wedding is the wedding planners that are running around and making sure each one of these things gets done right and on time. The stress was completely taken off of both of us on the wedding day so that we could enjoy our big day. We were completely unaware of the outside stress factors. Vendors enjoyed working with the Vermilion team as well!

I would definitely recommend Vermilion Weddings!

Minoti Mehta