Sahil & Natasha

Vermilion Weddings & Events: San Francisco Bay Area Wedding Planner, Sahil & Natasha

Indian wedding planning is not fun at all, even if you think you're prepared the month of or the month before, things just love to crash and burn without notice. The services provided by Vermilion Weddings, specifically Minoti, went above and beyond our expectations, as she was constantly available to talk through every issue that came about. She constantly made sure that the vendors knew their roles, responsibilities, timelines, and had our requirements top of mind. As we started moving closer to the wedding, we had three different vendor cancellations, and the second we told Minoti, she had a new vendor to replace the old one within 24 hours at the exact same price. Days later, the hotel didn't put out enough tables for our reception, and Minoti's ability to solve the issue on the spot was pretty impressive.

If you're looking for a wedding planner, whether it be for the whole process or even just the month of, I would highly recommend using Minoti and her team. They were professional throughout the entire process and had the mental toughness to solve the most complicated problems as they arose throughout the month.

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