Hats off to Minoti and the Vermilion Weddings team!!!! They are just unbeatable! We hired Vermilion Weddings for our wedding in August of 2017 and she was just fantastic! Her demeanor, professionalism, and friendliness is what won us over! From the minute you start conversations with her, she's extremely friendly, helpful, and organized. We spoke to many Planners while we were shopping around and she was the best one by far! She took the time to explain each bit to us - the first call was almost 45 minutes! She was so helpful in just helping us understand the tasks of wedding planning and had a perfect visual to accompany the explanations. Some of the calls with other planners only lasted 5-10 minutes and we came out feeling super confused. 

When we started working with Minoti, she would send us constant updates, both formal and informal (this was a big win for my husband!) I swear the minute she said "Status Dashboards and Workstream Management Tools" he said, "we're in!" I worked in investment banking and consulting for a number of years and you can tell that her background is in professional services with how organized she is with trackers, following up, and visuals! This helped us a lot during our planning process! And on top of everything, Minoti truly becomes your friend through this process! We both individually and together relied on Minoti to help us through some of the emotional processes of wedding planning. She really works hard to make sure that everyone is happy! She would speak to us and give us guidance on how to communicate certain things with our parents and elders. I almost felt like she was our therapist and our best friend! 

Everything on the wedding day went really well! She was absolutely fantastic! Leading up to the wedding, she created a timeline, connected with all the vendors and the wedding day was absolutely wonderful! She completely absorbed all of our stress that we had and made it her own. 

I'm a big Hindi movie buff and her favorite line was "Main Hoon Naa!" She absolutely lived up to the expectation! We can't say enough about Minoti and Vermilion Weddings and the company she's built! We miss hearing from her every few days!

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