Vermilion Weddings & Events: San Francisco Bay Area Wedding Planner

If you are looking for a wedding or event planner, look no further. We had used Vermilion Weddings and Events for my brother's Indian wedding and I cannot rave more about the experience. The events were so well planned out and the minute-to-minute schedules were so thoughtfully put together, that, without Minoti and her team, the wedding and reception would have been tremendously difficult to manage.

But what I would like to focus on in this review is not the 'general' wedding planner expectations, which Minoti and her team excelled at beyond our imaginations. What I would like to focus on are Vermilion's unparalleled ability to adapt to situations while displaying such a polite and reassuring demeanor. We had a problem at the Reception that Minoti and her team immediately adapted to and solved, on the spot. They provided clear direction to all parties involved and worked so well to calm the minds of the Bride and Groom's parents, who of course are extremely stressed during this time. Additionally, they worked diligently to ensure the Reception ran smoothly and, even though a last-minute problem occurred, I can say with ease that they had succeeded in ensuring the Reception went smoothly. When you are looking for a Wedding or Event Planner, one of the key qualities I hope you are looking for is an ability to adapt to changing and stressful and new situations, which Minoti and her team did phenomenally. Even greater than that, they did so with a positive and professional demeanor, even when voices were raised.

Overall, it was a privilege to work with Vermilion on their successful planning of an Indian wedding and reception. Their exceptional organizational skills, flexibility, creativity, and eye for detail were invaluable to the success of our events. It is important to remember that the event coordinator is not just for the Bride and Groom, but also for each of their respective families, as a wedding “takes a village”. From the family member's perspective, I will say that working with Minoti has been such a pleasure and she has a way of delivering results unmatched by any other Wedding Coordinator or Event Planner out there.

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