Hiring Minoti and Vermilion Weddings was the best decision I've ever made! She completely took all the stress of wedding planning away from me and did a wonderful job! 

We hired Minoti for our wedding planning and she was just fantastic! Words cannot express how happy my Fiancé and I are with Minoti Mehta and the entire Vermilion Weddings team. Her demeanor, professionalism, and friendliness are unparelleled. From the minute we signed with her, we knew we were in great hands as we were referred to her through a friend (one of her past Clients). She was always there for us through each step of the wedding planning process - whether we needed a mental break or had a series of questions regarding the different events, Minoti was always there to help. She managed to communicate to our families and run interference as needed when it came to vendors. She made sure we were okay every step of the way, at every point she would ask "How are we feeling about this? Are we okay? Are we happy? I want to make sure you guys are happy." When you hire a wedding planner, you're looking to hire someone who helps ease the pain of wedding planning, not alienate you from the process. Every step of the way, my Fiancé and I got to choose what vendors we wanted, what the vision was, and Minoti helped solidify everything. 

We cannot emphasize how professional her work was! Minoti would send out status dashboards and budget trackers to help make sure that everyone was on the same page - the parents, the vendors, herself, and us. My husband absolutely loved these as he also has a background in Project Management! On the day of the event, the entire team worked together to bring our vision to reality. I'm a total control freak and I love to be "in the know" for everything. Minoti knew this and said to me "sit down, let me take care of it" and she absolutely did! She took care of everything! Because she knew how much of a control freak I can be, she gave me updates throughout the day so I could lessen my anxiety. 

Our entire family and everyone at the wedding all agreed that hiring Minoti and Vermilion Weddings was the best thing we could do for our wedding!

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